George Borjas and the national approach

It has taken me too long to introduce the hero of this story. Borjas has had a series of papers, books and editorials since the mid-80′s that have each challenged the consensus economist’s view on immigration in support of the popular view. His work in the late 80′s uncovered the pattern of a secular decline […]

Walk out?

I don’t think I’ll be participating in the planned walk out Thursday at UC campuses. I’m not clear what the goals of the walk out are to be. Are they to protest a short-term budget shortfall? To dispute the priorities in budget balancing? To lament the lack of voice in the process? I’m not sure […]

Do elite Universities cause poorly performing K-12?

Steve Sailer thinks so: America’s most storied universities publicly espouse leftist egalitarianism. But that’s just a politically correct smokescreen to distract from their status as the winners in a brutal competition with other colleges for the highest IQ students and professors… … The prestige of Harvard and the other apex predators at the lofty pinnacle […]

Does College make you smarter?

That which shall not be named has been decreasing among college students graduates over time. This might be due to decreasing quality of college. Assuming college is productive, as Prof. Clark says ((i.e. it changes TWSNBN, i.e. it makes people smarter)), decreasing efficiency of educational productivity would produce graduates with less smarts. Or it may […]

Americans are dumb…

… until they spend 10 years on the job market (pdf). Improvement in literacy (in the broad sense of the term) is most pronounced between 25-35 year olds and 35-45 year olds. This is to say the jump (or lack there of) in literacy between the college-graduate-aged cohort (25-35 year olds) and the high-school-graduate-aged cohort […]

Education kills creativity

So does working in a large organization.

Its the consumption stupid!

A couple weeks ago I made the point that it is strange to look at changes in income inequality and make calls for redistribution. First, its not clear that changes in inequality should matter for someone that cares about social justice. Even if changes in inequality rather than just the existence of it mattered for […]

Things about school that I learned in school today

Things about school that I learned in school today ((BTW, class was held at my desk at home in my PJ’s today due to inclement weather and the insistence of the UCD facilities bureaucrats that classes of one don’t deserve their own lecture hall on campus.)): Earnings increases about 12% per extra year of schooling […]