Ideas not Institutions, part 1

Prof. Clark gave an interview the other day at the Intrepid Liberal Journal blog. Here’s Clark discussing what national and international governments should (and shouldn’t) do to help those places stuck in Malthusian Traps today: ILJ: Fair enough. Professor Clark you’ve been very generous with your time. A final question if I may sir. Assuming […]

Less productive at what?

Back before the good ‘ol days, even before there was an Old West, everyone was stuck in what’s called a Malthusian trap. The idea is that because technological innovations happened so rarely, people’s reproductive proclivities made sure that any technological advances would just translate into more people. If you invent a new plow that made […]

Moving sucks…

… that is all. Oh, and: The second installment of the AFtoA symposium at MR An interview with Prof. Clark at gnxp Kling on institutions

Lecture: The Industrial Revolution

This and the rest of Clark’s lectures on world economic history are hosted at CESifo. (h/t comment on Rodrik’s site)

“The best and most accurate review”

The Social Darwinism pseudo-thesis of Farewell to Alms has generated the most heat, but the book’s discussion of the causes and timing of the Industrial Revolution generates the most light. To that point, NotSneaky nominates this as “the best and most accurate review” of Clark’s book: I learned several very important insights from this book. […]

Lecture: The Malthusian World

This and the rest of Clark’s lectures on world economic history are hosted at CESifo. (h/t comment on Rodrik’s site)

Alms Watch 2007

Of course there was the MR book symposium… read the comments For a more critical discussion read this thread on Rodrik’s site Kling primes the institutions debate More on the obesity study… yes, I think its related Jason dives in

Alms Watch 2007

The author speaks: Greg Clark on public radio. He does a great job summarizing the main ideas in his book. Farewell to Alms: evidence for IQ as the most important economic driver? Arnold Kling makes the connection, but I’m not so sure. Clark has an editorial, “England’s success may be in our genes“, in the […]

Alms Watch 2007

So, maybe I should just rename by blog to “Greg Clark: Please be my adviser.” I mean seriously, what am I doing here, he already gave me a pass on my prelim exam. MR is starting up its book symposium on Farewell to Alms Eric Falkenstein counters Warsh’s critique of the book Social Science++ (who […]

Прощание с милостыню

No, I don’t speak Russian. Good thing I don’t need to to think this video is funny.