Dyson Critique Watch: Economic imperialism edition

Env-econ has a go at the “sunspots cause warming” theory.

Dyson Critique watch

The Dyson Critique (the Lucas Critique for the macro-climate) says that climate models that assume constant feedback effects with the increase of CO2 are unreliable predictors of climate change. Here’s another great discussion of the issue: If that is not enough, changes in CO2 in the real world would almost certainly be associated with other […]

Nominee for MR post of the decade

Alex is the quiet half of the MR blog, but he usually makes up for his low quantity with high quality. His most recent post, The Law of Unintended Consequences, is in response to this post at the Freakonomics. Alex comes up with this definition for the Law: The law of unintended consequences is what […]

Taking the debate to the next level

e.g.: (h/t gristmill)

Reducing CO2 emissions by 75% will be painful, right?

Wrong. BTW, I don’t think Quiggin is clear on this point: he’s not saying that “we” ((You like those quotes Gabriel?)) have to pressure airlines to upgrade their fleets or “we” have to start planning fewer but longer vacations. He’s saying that more expensive fuels will make airplane trips more expensive. Period. Full stop. Now, […]

Less than infinity

I was at my new book club this weekend talking about Aristotle’s Metaphysics. He makes the argument that if we are to truly understand something, then it must only have a finite number of causes. These sorts of arguments always bug me. Infinity is big, but finite and large can be very big, too. So […]

“Do Something” isn’t the same as “Do Everything”

I enjoy Gristmill very much in a they’re-almost-always-saying-stuff-that-makes-me-mad sort of way. My favorite writer is David Roberts and instead of subscribing to the torrent of posts found at the site, I subscribe just to his posts ((BTW, this is a feature every multi-author site needs to have… Crooked Timber? anybody, anybody?)). He has two posts […]

Erm… this is a bit sneaky

I was going to link to this article as a counter to the post I linked to the other day. The headline is “Stronger Link Found between Hurricanes and Global Warming: A century’s worth of records suggests that hurricanes are on the rise and a warming Atlantic is to blame.” Most of the article is […]

I’m really not getting it

Like I mentioned before, I’m confused by economists being confused about carbon offset markets. Now Arnold Kling comes out against them: But it’s not a free market. It’s an artificial market, created by the “carbon offset” nonsense… But selling it as a way to lower your personal or corporate carbon footprint gives me the creeps. […]

Data 1, Theory 0

The number and severity of hurricanes has hasn’t increased over the last 100 years: The warming theorists — most of whom, no doubt, earnestly believe that human activity has triggered nature’s wrath — have the ears of the news media. But there is another plausible explanation, supported by decades of physical observation. The spate of […]