FYI: Japan is a foreign country

Top 100 historical figures. I mean… Napoleon at number two? and where the heck is Soseki?


A friend of mine wrote on anti-Americanism. My reply: People will be violently anti-American no matter what policy America has. There is no such thing as a universally loved super-power. For example, there were riots in the streets of Europe in protest of American intervention in Kosovo to prevent the ethnic cleansing happening there. On […]

Ok, I don’t want to be a Diamond fan, but…

Jared Diamond seems to irk everybody. I’ve had problems with him because, as a natural scientist, he assumes economics follows ecological rules. He’s a Malthusian (boo, hiss). Apparently, historians and anthropologist don’t like him for a very different reason. The fact that he’s after the truth seems to get their goad. From the comments here: […]