You can call Federal Reserve policies aimed at the sending of signals that alter the expected rate of future inflation “monetary policy” if you want, but then you lose analytical clarity–because the way such policies work (if they work) is not the “normal” way that “normal” monetary policy works. — Prof. Delong New rule: to […]

Sam, Fred and the deer in the road

A story: Fred is driving a car down a deserted highway in the middle of the night. His friend Sam is in the passenger seat. Fred reaches down to pick up something he dropped, taking his eyes off the road ((or maybe he doesn’t know he’s driving)). When he lifts his gaze back to the […]

We are unique in exactly the same way!

I liked the internet a lot more when there wasn’t 10 other people making the exact same (down to the same citations) original and insightful comments as you.

Unintended consequences of snark

“So yes, John, the Atlantic’s economics expert didn’t realize just how much the kind of regulations Democrats are now pushing had managed to screw up New York’s health insurance market.” — Megan McArdle Here’s J. Bradford DeLong: “No Megan we are not for health care reform because we hate freedom. We are for health care […]


From The President brings representatives from the credit card industry in to talk about changing their relationships with their customers, and announces his principles for consumer protections. I don’t remember voting for the CEO of visa or mastercard. Not to step on Don Boudreaux’s territory, but here’s a gem: Q Is there a balance […]

Of policies and goals

There’s what you want to accomplish and there’s the best way of accomplishing those goals. It seems there’s often little disagreement on what people want to have happen; help the poor, protect the environment and encourage growth, for example. It seems obvious that policies should be chosen that best implement these goals; negative income tax, […]

Don’t let reason get in the way

Why is it “wonkish” or “boring” to consider reasons why spending hundreds of billions of dollars in a fiscal stimulus may or may not work (or how it may work if it does)?

Screaming at the Internet: Presidentialness edition

Does Palin seem less presidential than Howard Dean, for example, because: she’s eight years younger than Howard Dean when he ran for President? she’s only been the governor of a small State for little over two years whereas Dean was the governor of a small State for 12? she’s a she? Does she seem less […]

Vindication of a scientist?

People are saying Larry Summers is “vindicated” by a study showing males have higher variance in math ability than females. Does it make sense to talk of vindication for a scientist when data is found supporting his or her hypothesis? According to Google: Definitions of Vindicated on the Web: * absolved: freed from any question […]


Part in our continuing series… Screaming at the INTERNET! One of the main reasons out-of-wedlock births have skyrocketed in recent decades is because it has become so difficult for poor and poorly educated young men to earn enough to support a family. — Bob Herbert I don’t see why diminishing economic opportunities mean we can’t […]