Funniest sentence I’ve read today

This first sentence is just here for all the bloggers who want to read the first sentence of the post and then go write an angry rebuttal of my claim that poor Americans should have to torture puppies in order to be eligible for Bandaids.

Megan McArdle

And, no, I didn’t read the rest of the post… even though I’m sure its quite good.

UPDATE: It is good:

If you do believe that there is no right to a decent standard of living, then I won’t argue with you. That doesn’t mean I think you’re right; I disagree rather vehemently. But I’m pretty sure I’m not going to persuade you that you have moral obligations you don’t feel, and you’re not going to persuade me that the American taxpayer should let babies die because they made the mistake of having the wrong parents. How about wandering over to the music thread and making some suggestions? Some of my favourite bands have come via anarchocapitalists.

But what decent minimum standard of living? Liberals, it is safe to say, believe that this should be much more generous than do libertarians; I lean closer to the P.J. O’Rourke axiom that “the biblical injunction is to clothe the poor, not style them”.

and this makes me want to vote for her for President next time around:

The second is that I prefer a system which interferes as little in the lives of the poor as possible. I don’t think the government should be providing vouchers for food and housing; I think the government should be giving poor people money, and letting them decide what they want to spend it on. I support the elimination of almost all government benefit programs, except those targeted at children and the disabled, and a more comprehensive version of the earned income tax credit. In fact, I’d like to see a tax system which has positive and negative rates in a continuously increasing function, zeroing out somewhere around $28,000 a year.