“Good banks, bad banks… doesn’t matter. What we need is new banks.”

Buiter’s idea to create new banks with bailout funds, seconded by Paul Romer and discussed by David Warsh is endorsed by uber-entrepreneur Marc Andreessen in this great video: My better half, The Real Scientist, tells me that I should learn to compromise and my analysis should be conditioned on the fact that politicians will feel […]

“We’re bored” argument for stimulus

This Lessig comment sounds like he’s wanting the fiscal stimulus because he’s bored by the old way of doing things: If we’re lucky, we get the chance for this kind of transformation once a generation. It would be a scandal on the scale of the last 8 years to fritter it away. New, hip things […]

Where I spent my stimulus check

“But the stimulus checks haven’t been sent yet,” you say. “A stimulus package hasn’t even been passed yet,” you exclaim. Right you are. But in expectation, my stimulus will be around $500. (90% chance a $750B deal will pass relatively soon and 75% captured by special interests leaves $500 each for the rest of “us”.) […]

Are EULAs inefficient?

Tim Lee says so: It should be remembered that every contract signed is a prelude to possible state coercion if the contract is broken. Like all other kinds of coercion, the possibility of contract-related litigation creates uncertainty and other deadweight costs. In addition, the act of offering contracts imposes a deadweight cost. Every time I’m […]


How juggernauts are born… (BTW, to anyone attending my brownbag next week, this is what I’ll mean when I talk about “large-scale software”.)


To establish my Nerd God street cred, here’s some links: Atheist chat: Hitchens is on fire, Dawkins comes off assholish (surprise!) and dogmatic (ironic!), Dennett more pragmatic but a bit senile and I don’t know who the other dude is. Its worth two hours of your time. ARIMA ain’t a Caribbean island: The best introduction […]

adding structure to social networks OR open-sourcing Web 2.0 OR checking to see if my brother reads my blog

Brad Fitzpatrick has thoughts on the social graph: What I mean by “social graph” is a the global mapping of everybody and how they’re related… Currently if you’re a new site that needs the social graph (e.g. dopplr.com) to provide one fun & useful feature (e.g. where are your friends traveling and when?), then you […]