Help wanted: incrementalist systems builder

a.k.a Toolsmith a.k.a. Geek To help forecast a hot CE product in one of the world’s largest retailers (located in Seattle). Apply within.

New course in social psychology

As I, fingers crossed, wind down my graduate work in economics, I am looking for new hobbies. I was thinking about getting back into baseball. I loved baseball when I was a kid and now, thanks to Moneyball and Baseball Prospectus, there is a “scientific” sub-culture where I would fit nicely. Plus, I’d finally have […]

23andMe data are in…

… and I’m boring. There’s no traces of Indian in me (a now debunked family story) and the white in me isn’t that interesting either: This chart was produced using EURO-DNA-CALC (h/t Volokh). I’m 1/4 Italian-Swiss (hence the name) and the rest Anglo-French mix so the tool did a pretty good job pin-pointing my genetic […]

This post is intentionally left blank…

… or is it? (PS – NBER has some good working papers out this week… stuff by Hall on the “Long Slump” and Chetty on micro/macro elasticities and then there’s this look at poverty over the business cycle.)

The govenator

I didn’t vote for him, but Jerry Brown is… awesome! There’s some sort of Nixon-going-to-China thing going on in California right now. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Davis > Santa Cruz

By revealed preference: Cameron Massoudi, who attends Irvine’s Northwood High School, said he was upset to be placed on UC Davis’ lengthy waiting list and decided last month to go with a solid acceptance from UC Santa Cruz. Then earlier this month, UC Davis offered him enrollment and he decided to switch. As a macroeconomist […]

June 6, 1999

A week after my graduation from college, I ordered: The Virgin Queen by Christopher Hibbert, Measuring Customer Satisfaction by Bob Hayes, Unidimensional Scaling by McIver and Stocks for the Long Run by Jeremy J. Siegel. I just started my first “real” job, at a customer survey company. (meme inherited from McArdle)

Angus Maddison RIP

AC let me know that Angus Maddison has died. He’s the guy with all the historical data. Some of it, they say, he made up. But at least we were able to include Angus Maddison fixed effects in our specifications. Now, sadly, not.

Glen Whitman isn’t feeling the love

In his latest post, he worries that his excellent series critiquing Libertarian Paternalism (start here) isn’t getting many comments. If you’ve read a couple or all of these posts, leave a comment to let him know how great they are. If not, drop whatever you’re doing and get reading.

Another earthquake

This one’s only 6.0. UPDATE: No injuries. No damage. No power outages. They’re not even letting the kids out of school.