Haitian Coffee

From an article about Haitian coffee (ht MR): Atlantic Food Channel contributor Jerry Baldwin, co-founder of Starbucks and the company’s first roaster and buyer, agrees. He now owns Peet’s Coffee and Tea, and he says the relatively low-altitude Haitian coffee doesn’t have the taste his company seeks. Still, he suggests that coffee drinkers who want […]


I was reading a very important article linked to by The Economist when I noticed the domain name was bakadesuyo. This is an expression the Real Scientist uses all the time, often in reference to things I’ve said or done. I think it means “very good!” or “you’re so smart and good looking!”, but sometimes […]

Negative externalities of Congress

So they’re going to torpedo Bernanke’s nomination because they need his blood to placate their base. Ms McArdle says: I see the political logic, but the economic logic is pretty poor. Bernanke didn’t become Fed chair until 2006, long after it was realistically possible to do much about the bubble except wait for it to […]

Catholic Relief Services

… is where we donated. They had 300 staff in Haiti already and they have a large existing staff in the Dominican Republic. They can hit the ground running, so to speak. Also because a large majority of the population of Haiti are practicing Catholics, I’d imagine church is the first place many folks will […]


At 4:27 pm, a magnatude 6.5 earthquake hit about 27 miles due east west of my childhood home: Everyone in the family is accounted for and fine (it turns out half were out of town for a cheerleading contest). Broken glass everywhere. Mom says, “We forget so quickly about earthquakes and start stacking glass on […]

Be anonymous?

Back in the dark ages there was a debate about whether or not aspiring academics should blog pseudonymously before tenure. There was some speculation that Dan Drezner lost tenure at Chicago because of his blog and I remember, but can’t find, a good discussion at Crooked Timber on the subject. Via email, a fellow grad […]

Dissertations I’d like to read

Monetary policy and unemployment: welfare costs of lagged unemployment and optimal policy Time consistent fiscal policy: the case for an independent fiscal authority Banking crises cause monetary shocks: evidence from an IV Monetary shocks cause banking crises: evidence from an IV Macroneuroeconomics: detecting expectations shocks in real time Modern macro made simple: a new approach […]

An aggressive post about Crooked Timber

Somebody has the mistaken impression that people read CT for the posts. The comments are the only reason to “read” ((i.e. skim the post and head straight for the comment section)) CT. The posters at CT deserve some credit for having attracted so many good commenters, I suppose. But there was probably some first mover […]

Read the &%^#$ book already!

I’m waiting for them to realize where Prof. Delong found the citation for the monkey research.

More advice for the universe

Keep in mind that there’s huge fixed costs to simulations. I wrote code in May that is still running. As in, it hasn’t converged yet. This was suppose to be my job market paper. This summer was spent trying to find ways to make my code run faster. There’s not much economics in that. There’s […]